Our goal is to provide a continuous stream of innovative products that allow our partners to differentiate themselves and keep our customer's products secure no matter what the future brings. 

A few of the innovative features designed into the Ethos reader line include:

  • Multiple Bluetooth® credential solutions from leading vendors
  • Auto Discovery of Wiegand or Serial (OSDP™) host interfaces on the same wires simplifying the transition
  • Ability to securely upgrade reader firmware or configuration through OSDP™
  • A patented RF shield to guarantee that only credentials on the non-secure side of the door are read
WaveLynx Products are LEAF Enabled!

A security solution built on LEAF Enabled products guarantees that a user can share their identity anytime, anywhere, and across applications. LEAF Enabled Products are those that are certified to be interoperable when paired with other similar products that are configured with LEAF Si or LEAF crytographic keys (LEAF Cc) 

WaveLynx products (X,YZ) are [LEAF Si Enabled] You can learn more about the LEAF initiative and ecosystem of compabitle products at LEAFIdentity.com.

The most versatile and flexible line of access control products and components

The WaveLynx products are answering the wide breadth of global security and functionality requirements.  These products were designed from the ground up with the flexibility to evolve to meet our OEM's technology requirements.

Keyset Management Services

Secure Access Control Readers

The WaveLynx wall readers come in three form factors and in a countless number of configurations.  These readers feature functionality for a seamless transition from legacy cards to secure NFC-based smart cards such as LEAF and a wide varieties of Mobile applications and credentials.

These readers also communicate with every access control panel on the market, supporting the latest protocols such as Secure OSDP™, the Legacy protocol Wiegand, and other OEM specific protocols ( including F2F, Current Loop, RS485 interface for Biometrics integration)

Secure Intelligent Edge Devices

A suite of IP-powered intelligent devices redefining Access Control

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Secure Access Control Credential

Secure credentials have become the norm, and WaveLynx provides the best-of-breed solution.  Utilizing the proven Desfire EV2® smart cards and the open and interoperable LEAF protocol, WaveLynx provides the most flexible smart card platform on the market, allowing end-users to meet their security requirements and own and manage their cryptographic keys.  Keyfob.

WaveLynx's flexible production facilities can securely issue most credential types to allow the seamless transitions from Prox to Smart Cards.  We offer combo-cards (such as Desfire®‚Äč + Prox), single - technology cards, cards with a magnetic stripe, clamshells, fobs, with any desired card data format

Enterprise ready NFC Mobile Solutions 

WaveLynx readers offer compatibility with a variety of mobile credentials.  Our unique approach to developing Mobile solutions is based on interoperability and flexibiltiy, allowing us to merge the best technologies provided by our partners, and OEM customers