About Us

WaveLynx Technologies Corporation was founded in 2011, headquartered in the Denver area, specifically in Broomfield, CO and maintains a manufacturing facility in Longmont, CO. 

WaveLynx started out as a consulting company with the plan of transitioning to selling their own product line, which was successfully launched in 2016. 

The WaveLynx founders have a long history of developing state-of-the-art credential and reader solutions for the Commercial Electronic Access Control Market, having designed multiple generations of product dating back to the advent of contactless smart cards in North America. 

Other noteworthy facts:

Founders of XceedID

 State-of-the-art development facility

 Top notch product dev

 Development team with more than 60 years of RFID and electronics experience in the security industry

Our Vision

To drive the security industry toward open, interoperable, highly secure technology solutions. 

We are committed to our mission of developing secure, innovative solutions for the security industry while maintaining the highest level of quality. We implement adopted standards whenever possible to protect our customer’s ability to cost-effectively adopt new technologies as they become available. We will execute our business with honesty and integrity.